Understanding Cannabis Applications and Licenses

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, it can be a bit daunting to undertake the understanding of cannabis applications and licenses. The cannabis industry is complex and risky. Cannabis is still federally illegal, even though it may be legalized in some capacity within your state.

Our team has mastered the ability to meet clients where they are, as they embark on this arduous journey. Many of our clients are “green” to the cannabis industry, and start with us bringing little to no understanding about cannabis as a plant, product, or industry. That’s okay with us, because our team has the knowledge, industry experience, and guide your journey.

As you begin our journey into understanding cannabis applications and licenses, it is helpful to start from the top. To do this, you need to learn about the key steps to getting started:

1) Decide what type of cannabis license (or licenses) you want to pursue

The cannabis industry has many different types of businesses. Adding to the complexity, each state has its own license type. A license type is a term used to describe the types of cannabis operations that are permitted by a state. A state may permit cannabis retailer licenses (to sell cannabis), cultivation licenses (to grow cannabis), manufacturing or processing licenses (to convert the plant into a product), and more. These three license types are typically the main types that people know about. There are other license types available, depending on the state and the cannabis program (e.g. delivery licenses, wholesale licenses, distribution licenses, laboratory licenses, transportation licenses, etc.).

You can see why identifying which cannabis license you want to pursue is an important first step. Determine what type of cannabis business you want to operate and select the license type that fits that operation. By example, if you want to grow cannabis, you may find that a cannabis cultivation license is the right type for you. Of course, this is a bit of an oversimplification, as there are many considerations that you should think through as you make this decision, but this is an important first step.

2) Assemble Your Team of experts

While it is important to assemble your company and core team, what we are referring to is the team of experts that will surround you in executing on this project. Hiring the right cannabis application consultants and cannabis lawyers is critical to ensuring everything else works smoothly. Get this stop wrong, and you will find yourself losing significant time, money, energy, and competitive edge.

To better illustrate the importance of this step, our team at Canna Business Services provides Corrective Services. This service was created because so many groups had partnered with awful cannabis consultants who took their money and failed to support them; consultants who came in at a cheap price and their work quality reflected that price; cannabis attorneys who underwent the massive learning curve of learning the cannabis industry using their clients’ retainer. Time and time again, we hear of clients who were promised the moon and instead, were handed garbage. Our team is frequently hired to clean up the mess for the client and help the client get to the finish line with the limited time they have left to submit their application. The end-product and experience could have been magical for the client, but instead they encountered issue after issue with their former consultants and attorneys. It is important for our team to work with the right client who understands just how crucial this step is in reaching their goals.

3) Secure a Property

Prior to obtaining a cannabis license, or in many cases, prior to submitting your cannabis application, you will need to secure property that is zoned correctly and able to support the needs of a cannabis business. This can, at times, be one of the most challenging parts of the process. Our team has worked with countless municipalities to assist our clients in obtaining compliant properties in correctly zoned areas. We are frequently hired to support our clients’ efforts in educating a municipal council, updating their ordinances to permit our client’s cannabis property and operation, obtain variances, obtain letters of support or resolutions, prepare ultra-competitive cannabis applications for a municipality, and present to a council on behalf of or with or clients. There are many missteps that occur here for teams, and if you’re not careful, can set you back by months or years.

4) Draft Your Application

Cannabis applications can range from light paperwork forms to massive behemoth stacks of written responses, exhibits, and narratives. Every state outlines its own requirements and if not done thoroughly and with extreme attention to detail, you can get denied while your competition wins a license. Your applications must be compliant with all state, local, and federal regulations. Ensuring that you are compliant is one of the most important steps in the application process. Canna Business Services has years of experience drafting award-winning applications for our clients in competitive states. Set up a meeting with us today to discuss how we can help you with your business.

Remember, every day delayed in submitting your cannabis application and winning a state cannabis license, results in upwards of tens of thousands of dollars per day in revenue. Do not let your dream slip away from inexperience, shortcuts, or by trying to do it all yourself. Hire the right cannabis consultant to guide your journey in obtaining a cannabis license.

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO: I can say with certainty, that our team is one of the best consulting firms out there. I do not say this lightly. It is our pride and joy to focus on our clients’ successes. We project manage and run a tight ship with our clients. We require their focus, stamina, and trust as we guide them through the often-treacherous licensing, buildout, and business scaling process. For this reason, our clients are massively successful. On top of that, they are overwhelmingly happy with our services. Time and time again. We love our clients and our clients love us. In the words of one of our clients, “You saved us from lying on the floor in the fetal position trying to get this done.” We are proud of our clients and the work we do to support them in the best way possible. – Emily Sisneros (Seelman), Esq.

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