Cannabis Application Services for Businesses

If you’re stepping into the cannabis industry, you’re realizing the intricacies of regulations. The details are as important as they are difficult to navigate. You might invest your time and effort yet be confronted with denials, delays, and disappointment. Suddenly your depth of knowledge in cultivation, integrity of strains, and marketing are met with roadblocks that threaten to derail your dreams of success.

Cannabis Application Preparation Services

Canna Business Services is your effective and uncompromising guide to effectively completing your cannabis license application. We’ve partnered with hundreds of clients across the globe, providing the assistance, expertise and foundation for a prosperous cannabis business. Through our experience and legal background, we alleviate stress, confusion, and frustration, facilitating the application process from start to finish. Cannabis Application Preparation Services are no joke. These projects quickly become a second full-time job for applicants, which means selecting the right consultants can make or break your success. Get in touch with us at (888) 453-0555 today.

Selecting the right cannabis consultant is critical for succeeding in the cannabis industry.

We Canna Business Services is a woman-owned company, led by a team of industry veterans who saw a need for affordable and informed services across the adult-use (recreational) and medicinal cannabis industry. We are familiar with the complicated maze that separates you from the proper cannabis license application. We help you to prepare and submit the best possible application and build a productive company by a state-mandated deadline. With our resources and connections at your disposal, you surge, rather than inch, forward.

Our team has served almost every regulated cannabis market in the United States and has even served clients in other countries!

Canna Business Services -Cannabis Markets Served

We’ve got some incredible wins and successes. Here are some highlights in cannabis application preparation services (and beyond to build-out and business growth):

  1. State and City contracts to service their entire cannabis social equity programs.
  2. 95% success rate in helping clients obtain local approvals, including zoning approvals, supporting clients in switching their municipalities to “opt in” to cannabis, hyper-competitive applications, and obtaining resolutions and letters of support.
  3. One of our favorite local application wins occurred when we prepared our client’s local application and presentation. This was unbelievably competitive and they were vying for one of the only approvals remaining in the municipality. Not only, did their application WIN, but they scored the highest out of every single applicant combined. When the client presented at the council meeting with the presentation we built for them, the council informed them that this was the best presentation they had seen.
  4. Similarly, one of our clients’ local applications and presentations were so stellar, it resulted in their city giving our client an award. But more importantly, it caused the city to realize how the other applicants were so far below the standard of our client that they retracted their remaining award so that only our client could proceed in opening.
  5. We’ve had the highest scores in the state in competitive (limited license) license states.
  6. One of our clients was approved within 24 hours; to this day, it is the fastest in the state.
  7. Worked with a Native American nation in the development of their cannabis program.
  8. Uniquely, a major area of support is our work in performing Corrective Work. Many groups come to our team after having a bad experience with other cannabis consulting firms or cannabis attorneys. They spent money on a firm that pulled the wool over their eyes, or they lost money on a low-cost provider that cut-corners. It’s an unfortunate situation that many people find themselves in. They come to us with the broken pieces and we help them fix those pieces and submit a great application. It’s not ideal for them, they’ve typically lost a lot of time, money, energy, and hope by this point. However, we do everything to correct the errors and help them navigate to get to the finish line.
  9. One of our competitive state license applicant and post-licensure support clients was the very first to open their stand-alone adult use retail dispensary in the entire state.
  10. We are also known as the “Consultants to the Consultants”. What does this mean? It means that many of the cannabis advisors and consultants use our team to do the work they advertise about. If you meet our team members of the banner of another firm, you may find yourself paying that firm a lot of money to essentially perform as a middle-man in your process. Cut the excess and save yourself paying on non-essential costs.
  11. Our clients are so happy with us, that we have a 100% return rate on the clients that have used us for a project and are looking to expand in the industry, start a new project, or move forward into a next-stage in their growth process. Happy clients are our passion!

Our successes speak for themselves and we’ve got many more where those have come from! Check out our numerous testimonials from happy clients.


We have provided a number of great blog posts to help you navigate some of the waters when starting in the cannabis industry or as you beginning your search for a cannabis advisor or cannabis lawyer. Check out our full blog list, here.

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Canna Business Services is made up of a team of women who bring expertise from a variety of fields, including lawyers, state grant writers and auditors, former cannabis operators and compliance experts, procurers for the federal nuclear reactor program, educational providers, and nonprofit owners.

World-Class Services Tailored To Clients’ Unique Needs
Skilled & Original Project Writers & Editors
Foresight In Industry Changes & Trends
Comprehensive Education & Guidance In A Simplistic Way
Keep Costs As Low As Possible For Clients
Government Contract Writing & Legal Experience
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