The difference between a cannabis lawyer or a cannabis consultant

As longtime cannabis consultants in the industry, our team has been asked the question, “Who do I need — a cannabis lawyer or a consultant?” countless times, and for good reason. Cannabis consultants and cannabis attorneys bring different skill sets and acumen to an application project. So, the better question may be, “How can you leverage both services in an effective and efficient manner?”

Learn about the difference between a cannabis consultant and a cannabis lawyer

Marijuana Dispensary Lawyer & Cannabis Consultant

A qualified cannabis consultant will provide comprehensive support that guides you from the very start of your project all the way through to application submission. Whether you are applying for a retail license, cultivation license, manufacturing license, or any license inbetween, a cannabis consultant will support your journey, helping you avoid pitfalls, and overcome hurdles throughout the process. During that time, the consultant should be able to advise when to utilize a qualified cannabis attorney. Cannabis industry lawyers with sufficient experience will be able to support your strategy around organizational structure and agreements you will engage in throughout your application process.

All marijuana possession and consumption remains illegal on a federal level. Due to the Controlled Substance Act, passed by the US Congress and signed into law in1970, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. It shares the highest classification possible, right along with cocaine and heroin, because it is considered to have significant potential for abuse and no current medical advantages.

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The disparity between federal and state law results in residents of specific states complying with their local locals while at the same time, violating federal law. However, with limited resources and treated as a low priority, the prosecution of individuals possessing marijuana at the federal level is very rare. Federal prosecutors have the option to seek prosecutions that federal agents bring to them. They typically select those cases with a strong chance of conviction. Federal prosecutions of the state-legal cannabis industry simply require too many resources with no assurance of success.

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If you have questions concerning state or federal marijuana laws, Canna Business Services encourages you to consult with one of our experienced professionals. We work with both recreational and medicinal dispensaries in a wide range of capacities. Specializing in marijuana-related business opportunities, licensing, zoning, compliance, regulations, fractional c-suite opportunities, investing and so much more, we are your ongoing network of support.


Canna Business Services is made up of a team of women who bring expertise from a variety of fields, including lawyers, state grant writers and auditors, former cannabis operators and compliance experts, procurers for the federal nuclear reactor program, educational providers, and nonprofit owners.

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Cannabis Lawyer, Cannabis License Lawyer & Dispensary Application Lawyer

Marijuana Dispensary Lawyer & Cannabis Lawyer

Marijuana Dispensary LawyerCannabis Application Lawyer

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