Signed in 2011, the Delaware Medical Marijuana ACT (DMMA) allows qualifying patients to purchase and consume cannabis for medical treatment. Cannabis possession was decriminalized statewide in 2015. The Office of Medical Marijuana (OMM) oversees the Medical Marijuana Program and has instituted a registry for patients and caregivers, qualification requirements and regulations to ensure availability of medical cannabis and safety.

Cannabis Dispensary Business Plan in Delaware

Opening and operating a dispensary, manufacturing or cultivation facility is a challenging task involving many stipulations, potential stumbling blocks, financial investment and regulatory risks. While there is great potential, it’s also a challenging situation. Canna Business Services elevates your potential. Complete focus, specialized knowledge and extensive resources are just a few of the benefits of our diversity of services.

Cannabis Dispensary Consulting, Cannabis Business Consulting & Cannabis Consulting Service

If you’ve set your sights on the cannabis industry, support your success with a call to Canna Business Services. Let’s hone in on your immediate goals, long-range aspirations and business plan. The details are many and can prove insurmountable without experienced assistance. Very few industries are submitted to such rigorous scrutiny. From submitting and preparing a properly crafted application to packaging compliance, branding, investing, marketing and more, Canna Business Services is your invaluable resource and champion. question

Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan, Cannabis Consulting Service & Cannabis Business Consulting

Cannabis Business Consulting, Marijuana Dispensary Consulting Service & Cannabis Business Application Service

Cannabis Cultivation Business PlanCannabis Business ConsultingMarijuana Dispensary Consulting Service

Cultivation Security Plan

Cannabis White Label

Cultivation License

Cannabis Business Licensing

Marijuana Business Consultant for Licenses

Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan


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