Kentucky’s medical cannabis license application round opened just 24 hours ago, and the team at Canna Business Services couldn’t be more excited. Kentucky’s Office of Medical Cannabis already boasts a stand out program that is set to revolutionize the emerging medical cannabis industry in the state of KY. Stay tuned, as we’re closely tracking this medical cannabis application round as it progresses over the next 60 days.


Navigating the Competitive Process

With only 48 dispensary licenses, 16 cultivator licenses, and 10 processor licenses up for grabs, the application process in Kentucky is highly competitive. Thoroughness and accuracy in the preparation and submission of application materials is crucial. Cannabis consultants are in high demand during competitive application rounds, and for good reason. Cannabis consulting experts provide invaluable support, helping applicants navigate the complex regulatory requirements and enhance their chances of success the first time.


Applying for Multiple Licenses

Applicants can apply for multiple licenses within a single cannabis business license type (i.e., cultivator, processor, safety compliance facility, or dispensary) under the following specific conditions:

  • Each application within a license type must have a separate and distinct physical address.
  • The same capital cannot be used to satisfy the capital requirements for more than one application.
  • For cultivator licenses, only one application may be submitted for each cultivator tier.
  • For dispensary licenses, only one application may be submitted for each medical cannabis region. Review the map identifying medical cannabis regions here.
  • Applicants cannot apply for more than one cannabis business license type.


What Happens After You Submit?

  1. Once an application is submitted, Kentucky’s Office of Medical Cannabis (The Program) is required to confirm receipt of the application within 15 days.
  2. Following the confirmation of application receipt, applicants can expect to receive either an Action or No Action letter from the Program. If you don’t make sufficient updates in response to an Action Letter, you will not make it into the lottery. 



Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Kentucky’s highly anticipated medical cannabis industry. Contact Canna Business Services today to ensure your application is competitive and complete.


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