In November 2008, Michigan voters approved the Michigan Compassionate Care Initiative, legalizing the use of marijuana for seriously ill patients.The Great Lake State emerged as the 10th in the United States to legalize recreational cannabis in November 2018, becoming the first state in the Midwest to allow both medical and recreational use.

Cannabis Business Licensing in Michigan

New legislation has created a structure for the licensing and operating of dispensaries or “provisioning centers.” The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) adheres to a two-step application process for licensing, consisting of prequalification and review. Prequalification requires submission of application materials, background checks and payment of application fees. Review of the intended retail establishment includes an on-site inspection and payment of the licensing fees once approved.

Cannabis Consulting Service, Cannabis Dispensary Consulting & Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan

Canna Business Services is your resource for accurate information, trouble-shooting and guidance. We keep up with changing regulations and provide full-service solutions to facilitate the initial process, ensure compliance and support your success. Throughout every step of the start-up and growth of your business, we help you pursue game-changing strategies without losing track of essential details. The intricacies of the cannabis industry can be overwhelming. Simplify and secure a positive outcome with the help of the experts from Canna Business Services.

Cannabis Business Licensing, Cannabis Business Application Service & Cannabis Business Consulting

Marijuana Dispensary Consulting Service, Cannabis Business Licensing & Cannabis Consulting Service

Cannabis Business Application ServiceCannabis Dispensary ConsultingCannabis Cultivation Business Plan

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