Although Virginia pioneered medical marijuana allowances as early as 1979, the law included the word “prescription.” Due to federal laws, doctors were unwilling to write a prescription and progress stalled. Over the years, lawmakers in Virginia have continued to adjust, expand and create new rules for growing, extracting, dispensing and selling marijuana. In July of 2021, the Old Dominion became the first Southern state to legalize recreational cannabis use.

Virginia Marijuana Business Licenses

How or where 21+ users might legally purchase cannabis products is still getting sorted out. A regulatory framework for the legal marijuana marketplace hasn’t established firm rules for growing, selling or even how the laws will be enforced. However, strong support for decriminalizing cannabis suggests a rapidly expanding market. So how do you navigate Virginia cannabis applications, approval processes, regulations, fees, compliance when the landscape is constantly shifting? You rely on a knowledgeable advocate to champion your goals.

Cannabis Consulting Service, Cannabis Dispensary Consulting & Cannabis Dispensary Consulting

Canna Business Services untangles the strict regulatory requirements for licensing and operations, adhering to the laws, rules and directives specific to the state. From seed-to-sale, our cannabis consultants are familiar and remain current with every aspect of the legalities, market and industry. Whatever the issues or objectives, we develop a plan perfect for you. Let us help you avoid pitfalls, gain ground and achieve sustainable success.

Cannabis Business Licensing, Cannabis Consulting Service & Cannabis Business Consulting

Cannabis Business Application Service, Cannabis Consulting Service & Cannabis Dispensary Consulting

Cannabis Business ConsultingCannabis Business Application ServiceCannabis Consulting Service

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Cannabis Business Licensing

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