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Emily is the founder, CEO, and valiant leader of the Canna Business Services team. Armed with a legal background, business marketing degree, and start-up industry experience, she brings an unmatched combination of multifaceted knowledge and dedication to the table. After years working for other companies that overcharged and underperformed, Emily forged a path to build her own cannabis consulting company that values her clients’ success and outcomes above all else.


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Our consulting company has helped clients from all over the globe with our world-class service to help them gain their success in their business industry.


"The Canna team is highly qualified if you’re looking to start or grow your cannabis business. They can answer all of your questions and guide you every step of the way. Their knowledge and dedication is invaluable, ESPECIALLY if you are lucky enough to work with Emily. She is the best in the business!"


"Canna Business Services excels at simplifying a complicated process. Unlike other teams, [they] seemed to always be looking ahead and planning for our future, not just our short-term success. Each person we worked with has been able to take a massive amount of information, digest it, then provide us with a comprehensive explanation."


"My experience exceeded my expectations. The level of focused attention they gave to us was something I never would have received from other companies. They walked with us in building out our application and helped lead us to the right partnerships along the way. Their work gave me confidence that we submitted the very best application we could with the...

With the newness of the cannabis industry, laws and regulations are continually evolving. Throughout every stage of business, the stakes are incredibly high. There is no room for confusion. At Canna Business Services, we deal in certainties. We are your specialized industry advisers in a high-risk market. Our dynamic team upholds an unmatched work ethic, serving as informed and dynamic consultants without the high attorney fees.

Cannabis Dispensary Consulting Services

Canna Business Services is female-owned, female-managed, a proud winner of the 2020 ICON Innovation Award, and maintains membership in the Minority Cannabis Business Association, PA Women in Cannabis, Cannabis Entrepreneurs, and Cannabis Investing. We bring together a unique vantage point for preparing applications, and our active blog and strong social media presence keep us ahead of the curve. No matter where you’re at in the process, our extensive network of connections and resources prove invaluable.

From cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail recreational/medicinal dispensaries to the extremely complex federal, state, and local laws, we recognized a gap of understanding. While it’s essential to adhere to all regulations, sorting through the ever-changing tangle takes a lot of time, effort, and experience. At every step of the journey toward a sustainable cannabis operation, the guidance of specialized professionals can keep you on the right path. We help you to avoid pitfalls, fees, damage to reputation, and the failure to obtain or keep a license.

Our credentials allow us to write professionally as needed and represent a variety of backgrounds and strong skill set, including:

  • Legal
  • Federal procurement
  • State and city procurement
  • Non-profit
  • Educators
  • Engineers

Marketing Services for the Cannabis Industry

Finding accurate and clear information on how to launch and grow a cannabis business can prove frustrating. Set yourself up for sustained, long-term success with services from Canna Business Services. We’ve championed the industry every single day since 2016 and are your resource for insight, recommendations, and education. If you’re serious about moving forward, you simply can’t afford to go it alone. From licensing fees to penalties, costs are high. Hiring a lawyer drains the budget at an hourly rate. Let us provide affordable answers, options, and future-proof solutions.

Take advantage of quick, cost-effective, short-term hourly assistance from our team of exceptionally proficient project writers and editors. Benefit from ongoing support and awareness of industry trends and developments to strengthen your investment and return. Our efforts are built around a compliance-first foundation. We work with clients globally, as well as top ten consulting firms. We are experts in our field and always approach your expectations with a fresh perspective. Canna Business Services caters to you, collaborating to customize strategies to your specific goals.

Cannabis Business Application & Permit Services

As the industry continues to grow, more options become available. Is your consulting firm prepared for the needs of each and every client? Is your cannabis operation looking to the future, with a plan in place for the coming years? How do you know whether to grab onto an opportunity or let it pass? Canna Business Services fulfills the necessary roles. We supplement consultative companies by way of full and partial project management, specialized writing, and more. We champion the cannabis industry from seed to sale and implement winning protocols.

A sample of our services include:

  • Application Preparation
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Business Application/Permit Submission
  • Commercialization & Compliance
  • Consulting Services
  • Downloadable Application Templates
  • Fractional C-Suite Executive Services
  • Investing
  • Local Zoning & Real Estate Support
  • Packaging & Label Review
  • State-specific business Application/Permit Submissions
  • White Label Application Writing