Had an excellent experience working with Jay and Emily. I initially spent several months working with Jay leading up to the project kickoff and developed a great relationship and built a lot of confidence in him and his team. They were very understanding of our tight budget and went above and beyond to help us build a strong application. I was very impressed with Emily’s project management skill, business/market insight and overall subject matter expertise. I certainly look forward to working with them more in the future if/when we receive our license. Thanks again guys!”

We had a great experience. We ran across many issues during our application process including COVID19 and were still able to come out with a solution and what we feel is a very competitive application. It was a joy to talk and work alongside Emily for the duration of the project. We were on the phone many hours throughout the night going through documents and ideas. This is full service at its finest. If you have any concerns be sure that together you will be able to come up with a solution and put together a great product.”

I’m so honored and proud to call you all our partners and for you all to have helped us in this process. Emily is a Beast and is second to none. I rarely meet other human beings with my drive and dedication and determination to help others, but I see her as my equal and she is 1 in a trillion. I don’t want that to sound conceited at all, because that’s not me, but that honestly has been the biggest struggle for me over the last 6 years, is trying to find someone that is similar to me in work ethic, dedication, and integrity so that I can build my organization. You have done it, and I am so proud of you for putting the team together that you have assembled. Shannon, Marissa, Beth, Jesse, and all the others you have are phenomenal.”

Our client, Earth & Ivy, became the first licensed adult-use cannabis retailer in the State of New Jersey.

Emily is a force of nature. Her professionalism, knowledge base, and willingness to go the extra mile have placed her among the top in the cannabis consulting industry. In 2020, our company hired Emily to assist in the preparation of an Illinois cannabis dispensary and cultivation license. During this most arduous endeavor, Emily made the process look easy. Her communication skills, work ethic, reliability, attention to detail, diligence, and follow through made the completion and submission of these applications seamless. I would recommend Emily without reservations, and so thankful she was on our team.”



They exceeded my expectations. The contract called for them to conduct webinars, but they did so much more. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”
(Canna Business Services worked with a colleague consultant to win a State contract to provide ongoing Social Equity Education Webinars to teach about licensing and business buildout. This project started in 2020 and is presently continuing. This project required Canna Business Services to provide weekly educational webinars for social equity applicants looking to apply for cannabis business licenses in Illinois.)

The staff…is highly qualified if you are looking to start or grow your cannabis business. They can answer all of your questions and guide you every step of the way. Their knowledge and dedication is invaluable ESPECIALLY If you are lucky enough to work with Emily. She is the best in the business!!!”

(Canna Business Services was recruited to support a top cannabis consulting company to serve as their application preparation team. Consulting team’s name redacted.)

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the support you provided!!! Truly appreciate it!!! We got your application submitted on time and feel it turned out very strong overall. Thanks again and hope you are staying healthy and safe! “

Noiré Dispensary is the first black-owned and family-run dispensary in the State!

I’m so honored and proud to call you all our partners and for you all to have helped us in this process. Emily is a Beast and is second to none. I rarely meet other human beings with my drive and dedication and determination to help others, but I see her as my equal and she is 1 in a trillion.”



I can’t thank you enough for going over and above for my team. I know you didn’t have to go as far as you did for us to complete and submit a competitive bid. To win a grant like this is life changing and it gets me emotional to know the lives that will change from it. We will definitely
be using you and the team to help us get even more.”

My experience working with the Canna Business Services team has been amazing. The team is incredibly knowledgeable on cannabis, legislation, and application writing. They position their clients to win, in even the most competitive markets. I highly recommend their services to all.”

Canna Business Services awards

As a cannabis business owner, I could not be happier that we chose to work with Canna Business Services for our pre-operational application assistance. Not only is Emily Seelman and her team of writers extremely knowledgeable of the cannabis industry, but they do their due-diligence and go the extra mile to help their clients put together the best possible application. Having worked with Canna Business Services for the past year, I can say that it has been the best decision of our company thus far and has put us in the best position to succeed. If you are an aspiring cannabis business owner, I would highly recommend Canna Business Services.”

Want to express how excited I am to have been awarded conditional licenses, without even a hiccup! I owe it to you both and hope I mention how I had full confidence in your ability. I am forever grateful. Still have important work ahead of us, but for today let’s enjoy our win! I’m toasting to all those lawyers, and consultants I met along the way who said I did not have a prayer at a full license and tried to convince me to go with a micro. Ha, we showed them!”

Molly Ann Farms is the largest adult-use retailer in the state at almost 7,000sqft of space!

Thank you both and your team for all your assistance in this process. We are very appreciative of your dedication and attention to detail on this project. We will definitely enjoy these two weeks off and we will come back refreshed and ready for the next round.”

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Canna Business Services is made up of a team of women who bring expertise from a variety of fields, including lawyers, state grant writers and auditors, former cannabis operators and compliance experts, procurers for the federal nuclear reactor program, educational providers, and nonprofit owners.

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