As the first state to pass medical cannabis legislation in 2000, Hawaii established provisions for medical marijuana dispensaries, medical marijuana growers and medical marijuana processors. The initial round of dispensary licensing applications opened in 2015 and closed a year later. Currently, there is no indication as to when they will reopen. At Canna Business Services, we are committed to your success and have proven the value of preparation. It’s never too soon to focus on turning vision into reality.

Hawaii & the Cannabis Dispensary Application Process

Helping cannabis entrepreneurs launch, establish and grow their businesses is what we do best. Bringing together a diversity of backgrounds and expertise, including law, non-profit and education, we mentor, advocate and open up a wealth of opportunities and connections. We help you win a business license, establish a business plan, streamline operation, review packaging and labeling, optimize marketing, ensure compliance and more. Canna Business Services sets you apart in all of the right ways.

Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan & Cannabis Consulting Service in Hawaii

No matter the task or challenge, the team from Canna Business Services is passionate, focused and experienced. We’ve pioneered the cannabis industry since 2016. As a well-respected and trusted consultancy, we are available and qualified to assist no matter what step of the process you are in. Whether you require our full resources at every phase or concentrated efforts for specific achievements, our approach is customized to your benefit. We navigate a smooth course from concept to completion, accelerating your long-term success.

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing & Business Licensing in Hawaii

Cannabis Dispensary Consulting, Marijuana Dispensary Consulting Service & Cannabis Consulting Service in Hawaii

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Cultivation Security Plan

Cannabis White Label

Cultivation License

Cannabis Business Licensing

Marijuana Business Consultant for Licenses

Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan

Cannabis Dispensary Lawyer


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