Colorado Cultivator Fined: A Cautionary Tale for Cannabis Operators Everywhere

Facing Regulatory Challenges in Cannabis’ First Recreational Market

In the state where recreational cannabis was first made legal and the maturest cannabis market in the United States, Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) continues to enforce compliance as paramount. One Colorado cultivator was recently forced to confront its compliance shortcomings head-on, signaling final agency actions resulting in a considerable fine.



With deficiencies identified in testing protocols, personnel designation, and cultivation practices, the Colorado cultivator faces a $30,000 fine. Additionally, the licensees and its staff were ordered to complete additional training as well as develop and submit state compliant standard operating procedures (SOP) to the MED within 30 days of the order. It’s also worth noting that should this cultivator seek to apply for an additional cannabis business license in Colorado, these violations will first be taken into consideration.



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