The Canna Business Services Team is looking back on our 2023 accomplishments and GUSHING at one of our ALL TIME favorite clients, Noiré Dispensary and their AMAZING Grand Opening event! 😍✨ Their adult-use dispensary grant opening event was held in Maplewood, New Jersey, was PACKED, closed the street down, and brought photographers and reporters from near and far! They are the 1st 100% black-owned family-run adult-use dispensary in the State of New Jersey!

We met the owners of Noiré Dispensary about 2 years ago today, when Noiré was just a beautiful idea in their minds! They molded these ideas and worked them into a reality over these years. We were honored to work alongside them as they pushed through significant obstacles, crushed their local application and presentation, dominated their State application, and worked double time through buildout and construction. As a result, they now have a flourishing adult-use dispensary in the Village of Maplewood, New Jersey.

If you find yourself facing what seem to be insurmountable challenges as you progress towards your goals in the industry, Noiré Dispensary is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished if you keep pushing through with the right strategies in place, the right team next to you, and alignment in your vision.

I only cried 3 times during the ribbon cutting ceremony 😭 Giovanni and Sharquana, our team is so damn proud to know you, to love you, and to have watched your dream blossom into a beautiful reality 🥰💕🌱 You created this!! 🤩

Check them out in Maplewood, New Jersey and at

Check out our highlight video on our Instagram, HERE!