3 Things to Consider When Applying for a Cultivation Facility License

There are a few major factors to think about in order to provide a steady, uninterrupted supply of quality cannabis to registered dispensaries. Preparing for these ahead of time will ensure that you achieve your licensing requirements and have success in providing top-notch cannabis. Read below to see 3 areas of planning that Canna Business Services can help you develop when applying for your cultivation facility license.

Facility and Equipment Selection

The first step is to find a location that you can have adequate movement of cannabis throughout the facility for each part of the grow cycle. This includes having a detailed layout of the premises that identifies where restricted and public areas are; doors, windows, and other ventilation; cannabis storage and items; in addition to where security measures will be located. In addition to this comprehensive setup plan, you’ll need to have a build-out schedule in place that is based on what you can package in the facility. Identifying procedures and materials (ex. lighting, HVAC systems, watering) for energy efficiency will also be key to operating a sustainable cultivation facility.

Knowledge of Cultivation Methods

Having a master grower who has experience in cultivation methods is crucial to the success of your cultivation operation. Specifically, they should be able to select strains and genetics that are award-winning, popular at dispensaries, and provide a large yield. The master grower should have years of experience providing the optimum environment for cannabis cultivation and be able to follow standard operating procedures to ensure that all products that come into the facility are compliant. Your overall goal in cultivating should be to continuously refine and improve the quality of the genetics throughout each stage of cloning. Diligently monitoring each stage of the life cycle of cannabis and keenly altering the environment to mimic what happens in nature is paramount when maintaining your steady, quality supply to dispensaries.

Ensuring Quality, Purity, and Consistency

In addition to the steps outline above, you’ll need to have cultivation-proficient employees (in addition to the master grower) that can maintain your standard operating procedures, ensure sanitation, and nutrient delivery on schedule. Being able to troubleshoot any environmental stresses and training employees to mitigate these issues is imperative. Quality Control Procedures should be followed by all employees on a consistent basis. Keeping up with these on a daily basis is the most important aspect of being an outcome-driven, compliance-focused cultivation facility.

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