Alabama Cannabis Industry Will Be SUPER COMPETITIVE - Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know To Apply!

Alabama is a new cannabis market that many are clamoring to get into, and for good reason! This market is slated to be a highly-lucrative and competitive as people clamor to be the first to open up shop. Read more about what it takes to win a license below. 


What types of cannabis items are legal in Alabama?

Currently, Alabama’s cannabis program supports medical use only. Additionally, the types of products allowed to be sold are limited to: tinctures, patches, capsules, cream, gel, suppositories, oral tablets, nebulizers, and gelatinous cubes. Typical of newly legalized medical cannabis states, flower and edibles are not permitted at this time. 


What types of licenses are available? 

Alabama offers 6 license categories:

  • Vertically-integrated businesses (grow, manufacture, transport, and operate 5 retail stores – limited to 5 licenses)
  • Cultivator (limited to 12 licenses)
  • Processor (limited to 4 licenses)
  • Dispensary (limited to 4 licenses, with the option to open 3 locations in different counties)
  • Secure Transporter
  • Testing labs 


There is currently a cap on the amount of licenses offered, except for testing labs and transport. With these limits in place, the Alabama medical licensing round is guaranteed to be competitive. 


When can I apply for a license? 

Beginning September 1st, 2022, individuals may apply to the Commission for a license. Licenses are expected to be awarded 45 days from the date. The Commission still has to finalize the rules in a meeting on August 11th, and then the final set is expected to be published on August 31st, 2022.


What is involved in the licensing process? 

The licensing process is often an arduous, lengthy, and incredibly detailed process that matches how highly-regulated the cannabis industry is as a whole. Alabama’s process is no different. Building a robust application includes developing a business plan and a thorough set of Standard Operating Procedures that follows State regulations. Specifically, you’ll need to present a technical written document that includes Security Plans, Seed-to-Sale tracking, Quality Assurance Plans, Maintenance and Storage Plans, and Waste Disposal Plans (to name a few) that are compliant with every state regulation. 


What are the first steps I should take?

Vetting and hiring an experienced cannabis consultant is the first thing you should do to ensure the highest chances of winning a license. Following the progression of changing rules and regulations, while supporting your business buildout at the same time, is the work of a full-service cannabis consultant. Don’t waste your time or money on failed attempts or simply not knowing where to start.


Canna Business Services is a full-service cannabis consultant specializing in license application preparation. Contact Canna Business Services for a free 15-minute meeting to discuss how to be the first to get into the Alabama cannabis space!