Cannabe Your Valentine?

Want a few ways to show your significant other that they put the sticky in your icky? Read below for a few ideas on how to make your Valentine’s Day extra special by adding cannabis to your celebration of love.

Breakfast in Bed with Kushy Gifts

Start the day off right by whipping up some cannabutter (see our recipe here) for a little extra buzz with your toast and jam. Make sure to serve up your meal with a cannabis bouquet, a punny card, and heart-shaped nugget sampler box. Check out these cannabis cards from Etsy for some punny ideas to craft your own homemade Valentine. 

If your homegrown has been in flower mode, you can easily craft your own bouquet by mixing in a few colorful store-bought flowers and taking a few stems from your own grow to mix in. Here’s some arrangement ideas from Weedmaps to get you started. If you’re not feeling crafty and prefer to order a bouquet that’s already made, the company Cannaquet has got your back. Making a heart-shaped nugget sampler is a cinch — just purchase a heart-shaped chocolate sampler and take out the chocolates from their wrappers, and then replace with some favorite choice buds and some caramel or chocolate edibles.

Cannabis and Chill

After you’ve gone for a walk in nature together to enjoy the glow from your delicious breakfast and AM edibles, throw on a classic stoner flick. Some of our favorites choices include Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Pineapple Express, How High or Cheech and Chong

Then, turn up the heat and bust out a topical for a cannabis-infused massage. Topicals like CBD massage oils help activate the endocannabinoid system which helps the body self-regulate, and can aid in relaxation. Here’s a recipe to make your own CBD massage oil at home if you prefer not to head to the dispensary.  

Remember, cannabis can be used as an aphrodisiac, so smoke up with the hybrids and indicas to achieve ultimate relaxation. You can double-down on your aphrodisiac intake by eating some stoner snacks like chocolates and strawberries for dessert. 

We hope this helps you show your Valentine how dope they are and that you enjoy your holiday weekend. Contact Canna Business Services anytime for all of your cannabis consultation needs!