Applications for marijuana business licenses are processed through the Alaska’s Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO). While Alaska’s dispensary laws are fairly well-established, new developments and changes regularly occur. There are different requirements for recreational and medical cannabis licensing as well as specific licenses for dispensaries, cultivators, wholesalers, manufacturers, testing labs and distributors.

Cannabis License Application Services in Alaska

The application is just the beginning and yet can also prove to be the end of the dream if every detail isn’t handled properly. Once your business is operational, it’s necessary to pursue marketing and business initiatives, optimize services and build a brand and customer loyalty. Where do you start? How do you ensure compliance across the board? With our industry experience and knowledge, Canna Business Services assists cannabis businesses with every stage of development. Our strategic consulting services are synonymous with a smooth road to success.

Are you looking into licensing? Are you an experienced business owner striving to succeed in a competitive and rapidly-growing market? From application templates and professional writing to commercialization and compliance, packaging and labeling review, brand design and creating a business goal, Canna Business Services sets higher standards and delivers unmatched results. We are your source of information, advocates and safety net. Get in touch for consultation at (888) 453-0555 and let us customize the perfect plan of action.

Alaska Cannabis Business Licensing with Canna Business Services


Canna Business Services is made up of a team of women who bring expertise from a variety of fields, including lawyers, state grant writers and auditors, former cannabis operators and compliance experts, procurers for the federal nuclear reactor program, educational providers, and nonprofit owners.

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