In November 2016, Arkansas voted to allow seriously ill patients to obtain and consume medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. This law further established licenses for state cultivation facilities and dispensaries. Regulations for dispensaries, dispensing and cultivation are overseen by the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Division. The licensing of dispensaries and cultivation facilities and implementation of regulations is further supported by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission.

Arkansas Marijuana Business Licensingcannabis consultants. Comprised of mostly women, we bring together backgrounds in city, state and federal procurement as well as education, engineering, non-profit and law expertise. Proud winners of the ICON Innovation Award 2020, we maintain Minority Cannabis Business Association membership and partner with cannabis entrepreneurs, investors and business owners at every stage and level of operations.

Cannabis Business Consulting, Cannabis Business Licensing & Cannabis Business Licensing

We are vital to your immediate and long-term success. Canna Business Services serves your best interests, protects your investment and navigates the complexities of licensing application, branding, marketing, compliant packaging, investing and more. Our familiarity with the ins and outs of the industry and current awareness of constant changes paves the way for your achievement. Reach out to us at (888) 526-2088 to discuss your plans, worries and goals. Get started with Canna Business Services and get ahead of the game.

Cannabis Consulting Service, Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan & Marijuana Dispensary Consulting Service

Cannabis Consulting Service, Marijuana Dispensary Consulting Service & Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan

Marijuana Dispensary Consulting ServiceCannabis Cultivation Business PlanCannabis Business Application Service

Cultivation Security Plan

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Cultivation License

Cannabis Business Licensing

Marijuana Business Consultant for Licenses

Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan

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