Although Louisiana legislation legalized medical marijuana in 1991, the use of the word “prescribe” made it impossible for doctors to act upon it due to federal law. There were no provisions for selling, dispensing or possessing medical cannabis. The language was replaced in 2016, making the Pelican State the first in the Deep South to implement a comprehensive medical cannabis program. In 2020, new laws expanded the list of qualifying conditions, allowing physicians to recommend cannabis for any debilitating condition to the benefit of the patient.

Cannabis Business Licensing in Louisiana

The state’s medical marijuana program for physicians is handled by the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners. The regulations governing the cultivation, processing and testing of cannabis is the responsibility of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF). For licensing, dispensaries, deciding permissible forms of cannabis and developing testing rules, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy steps up. Every area of the state’s medical cannabis industry is heavily regulated and complex.

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