Are you interested in the cannabis field and in need of knowledgeable guidance? Are you looking for a team of experts to ensure compliance and support the growth of your current business? A consultation with one of our experienced professionals effectively defines your cannabis business goals, answers questions and paves the way for success. We are familiar with Maryland specific requirements and regulations and customize solutions to best suit.

Maryland Cannabis Dispensary Licensing Information

In 2014, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) was created and commissioned to determine regulations for the legal consumption, cultivation, possession and distribution of cannabis products. The MMCC is in charge of all licensing, registration, inspection and testing involved with the state’s marijuana program. Protocols and laws are intricate, strict and without gray areas. There is no room for ignorance, error or neglect. Let Canna Business Services set and keep you on the right path.

Our experts can work with you to structure a compelling application and significantly increase the chance of a positive outcome. We help to develop a solid plan for branding, investing, marketing, commercialization, compliant packaging and more. Women-owned and largely operated by women, our consultants draw from backgrounds in law, education, engineering, non-profit and federal procurement and state and city procurement. For every stage of your endeavors, Canna Business Services works to turn vision into a sustainable reality.


Canna Business Services is made up of a team of women who bring expertise from a variety of fields, including lawyers, state grant writers and auditors, former cannabis operators and compliance experts, procurers for the federal nuclear reactor program, educational providers, and nonprofit owners.

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