Cannabis policy reform is gaining momentum in North Dakota. As of November 2016, the state’s medical marijuana laws allow for the production, processing, dispensing, sale and medical use of marijuana by qualifying patients and caregivers. There is potential for the future legalization of adult recreational use. Canna Business Services provides North Dakota cannabis entrepreneurs with insight, resources and guidance to navigate and excel at every stage of development.

North Dakota Cannabis Business License Services

Identifying which path to pursue is as essential as following the unique rules applied to each one. You can never prepare too much or start too early. The application process is exacting, complicated and time-consuming. Mistakes not only delay but derail your chance at success. From templates to professional writing, Canna Business Services is your network of support. Draw from our knowledge, experience, skills and foresight to acquire licensing and ensure operational compliance.

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Once you’ve opened your doors, there’s aggressive competition and a complexity of regulations. Compassion centers are subject to random inspection where display areas, restricted areas, waste disposal, financial/dispensing records, security and safety processes and inventory control/tracking are reviewed. Everything from pesticide testing to advertising and marketing needs to meet compliance. For every twist, turn and bump in the road, Canna Business Services looks ahead, finds the smooth path and accelerates the achievement of your goals.

Marijuana Dispensary Consulting Service, Cannabis Consulting Service & Cannabis Business Licensing

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