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License Types
Currently Available

South Dakota has legalized cannabis for medical use. The South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program is currently accepting applications for the following license types.

  • Cultivation
  • Testing
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Dispensary
What You Need To Apply

In order to apply for a license in South Dakota, here are the top items you want to complete to be successful starting your journey into the cannabis space:

  1. Decide what type of business (or businesses) you want to pursue cannabis business licenses for.

    Review the list of license types available for application to determine what might be the best fit for you and your business aspirations.

  2. Assemble Your Team

    The next step is to gather your team of experts. Having financial backing in the form of investors is crucial so that you are able to procure consultation services, a location, and other resources along the way. Don’t make the mistake of getting knee-deep in your plan and then running out of money to see it through. After you’ve made sure your funding is set, assemble your team of people you can trust. Specifically, you want people who have experience in the industry and who are well-informed so that you can highlight your team’s expertise in your application.

  3. Secure a Property

    Prior to obtaining a license you will need to secure property that is zoned correctly and able to support the needs of a cannabis business. This can, at times, be the most challenging part of the process. Our team has worked with countless municipalities to assist our clients in obtaining compliant properties in correctly zoned areas.

  4. Draft Your Application

    Application requirements vary between Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and narrative forms surrounding the expectations you have for your business. Either way, these need to be compliant with all state, local, and federal regulations. Ensuring that you are compliant is one of the most important steps in the application process. Canna Business Services has years of experience drafting award-winning applications for our clients in competitive states. Set up a meeting with us today to discuss how we can help you with your business.

  5. Read more on our blog about how to take the first steps towards licensure.

History of Cannabis in
South Dakota

In the 2020 election, the voters of South Dakota passed Initiated Measure 26 to approve medical cannabis. The Department of Health oversees the South Dakota medical cannabis program. In South Dakota, you are required to have local approval in most municipalities. Robust, documented SOPs are required to apply in this state. There is an online portal available for application submission. 

In 2020, South Dakota voters approved medical cannabis, legalizing operations including cultivation, manufacturing, dispensing and testing facilities. The cannabis application process is highly involved and a considerable investment. There are very strenuous requirements and guidelines applied to every stage of operations and the field is highly competitive. Working with the consultants from Canna Business Services is the key to success.

South Dakota Medical Dispensary Consulting & Application Service

At Canna Business Services, we’ve spent years learning and effectively navigating the specialized complexities of the cannabis industry. There are preparations and strategies that get things done quickly as well as properly. When you partner with us, you always have the knowledgeable and dedicated support that accelerates your goals and achievement of them. Whether you are considering application, getting your business up and running or looking to grow, Canna Business Services delivers the solutions you need.

Rules, regulations and the essentials of operating a thriving cannabis business are strenuous. From application templates to packaging and labeling review, fractional c-suite opportunities, marketing, branding, commercialization, compliance and more, Canna Business Services guides your path, helps to avoid pitfalls and focuses on an exciting and profitable future. We help you define your vision and create it. Get in touch with us at (888) 453-0555 and take the first step.

Apply for your South Dakota dispensary license with the help of Canna Business Services!