Four Fundamentals About 420

April 20th marks a traditional stoner holiday, but as cannabis has become more mainstream, it has evolved into so much more. Where did the term come from and how do people celebrate it today? Read below to find out about how 420 has progressed.

Origins of the term “420”

Many people think that the term originated from a penal code for the illegal use of marijuana, or Bob Marley’s son’s birthday, or the number of chemicals in marijuana. However, all of those theories are incorrect. The term comes from a group of 5 high school students in 1971 who would meet outside of school at 4:20pm and go searching for an alleged abandoned cannabis crop in Point Reyes, California. The term became popularized when one of the members of the group of students, also known as “The Waldos” because they hung out by a wall, became friends with the band The Grateful Dead.

A Day for Advocacy and Education

Nowadays, many use the occasion of 4/20 to advocate for the medical, social, and personal benefits of cannabis. The University of Colorado has hosted one of the largest annual smoke-outs on campus for about a decade. In recent years, the attendance has grown to more than 10,000 people. Rallies of this type have the goal of drawing attention to the ways that marijuana laws have disproportionately affected people of color, and how the negative stigma surrounding marijuana is unjust.

A Holiday Worth Celebrating

Aside from being a day to educate about cannabis use, 4/20 has become a widely celebrated holiday. Many cities are hosting music festivals, cannabis-infused food tastings, film festivals, cannabis cup events, and more. For many, it’s simply an excuse to get together with friends and light up. With COVID-19 still being a factor this year, many are opting for virtual sessions to be able to still connect with others.

Business Opportunities

In the industry, many use this date as a time to hold conferences to share insider information about the evolving cannabis marketplace and entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, it’s a great time to hold expos to unveil new products, growing techniques, and advancements in the trade. Networking is at an all-time high during this season. And of course, since many people stock up for the 4/20 holiday, it’s also the perfect opportunity to promote sales and deals to attract more clientele to your business. 

We hope you enjoy your 4/20 holiday, and use this day to advance your knowledge and appreciation of the gift of cannabis, and contact Canna Business Services for any of your cannabis business needs!