Georgia’s Medical Cannabis Program Moves Forward

For several years, Georgia has been stalled on their efforts to pass medical marijuana legalization. However, several bills that would move this program closer to passing have made progress recently. Read more about Georgia’s push to legalize medical cannabis.


Why was the medical market delayed?

In 2015, Georgia legalized the medical use of cannabis oil. This required doctor-approval for patients, and left patients with nowhere to actually purchase cannabis oil. Last summer, a state commission announced plans to award 6 licenses to applicants. 16 other companies who did not receive licenses objected to the licensing process citing that the 6 licenses approved were awarded unfairly. This dispute led to a bureaucratic deadlock


Where is progress now?

There are two proposals being considered now: one by the House, and one by the Senate. The House proposal that passed last week would reset the creation of the medical program, withdrawing the 6 licenses awarded last summer. The Senate’s proposal proposed that a May 31st deadline to re-do the license awarding process and authorize 6 companies that had previously applied for licenses. Both bills were passed, however, neither bill promises a specific date that applicants can buy cannabis oil in retail stores. 


What’s next?

The bills that were passed by the House and Senate were intended to jumpstart the medical cannabis market in Georgia. This year’s legislative session ends on April 4th. The House and Senate need to pass one of the bills before it concludes. Both bills will be reviewed by the opposing chamber, and one will be agreed upon. With both the House and Senate actively working on pushing legislation through, it’s only a matter of time before licenses are awarded and production is rolling!

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