Happy Halloweed from Canna Business Services!

Halloween is another holiday that typically increases consumer interest in cannabis. We’ve put together a list of ways to celebrate the spooky season with some sensimilla. Here are Canna Business Services’ tips for using cannabis to enjoy this Halloween to the fullest. 


Costumes and Decor

Good news is, if you haven’t picked out your costume yet, making a weed costume is pretty easy. One easy idea is to wrap yourself in a white sheet with some green fabric poking out the end so you’re a rolled joint! For a classic partner costume, Cheech and Chong are always a solid choice. Herb has some other great ideas if you’re in the mood to dress as a bag of weed, or maybe “Bluntman” from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  


If you’re hosting this year, the key to throwing a festive bash is to go full throttle with the creepy decor. Spider webs, skeletons, broom sticks, and bales of hay to sit on if you’re outside are all classic ideas. And to complete your spooky vibe, use a variety of colorful, flickering, or strobe lights. If you’re outside, we highly recommend solar lights to not have to worry about tripping over cords. Bonus points for a fog machine! 


Trick or (Edible) Treats

Many state attorney generals are putting out warnings about cannabis-infused treats in your child’s candy, but we all know that anybody who actually consumes edibles is not giving those away! Gummies are always a crowd-favorite, but they can actually be pretty tricky to make at home without the coconut oil separating from the gelatin. Keeping the temperature stable and frequently stirring so that the mixture stays homogeneous is quite a task. Some other festive cannabis-infused treats like pumpkin seeds, death by chocolate cupcakes, and finger cookies can be found on Cannabis Cheri’s website


Spooky Strains

Some of these strains can be pretty hard to find, but hopefully your local dispensary or homegrower comes through! If you’re into the fruity strains, Frankenberry is the way to go. Witches Weed is a strain that is noted for its unpredictable high, similar to mixing strains, which makes it a good choice for the experienced user with a tolerance built up. If you’re seeking more of the medical benefits, Ghost OG is a winner. It is known for pain management, reducing inflammation, headaches, and exhaustion.


However you end up spending the holiday, we hope that you live the high life this Halloween! Contact Canna Business Services to help you with your marketing needs to scare some up sales for your retail business.