Holistic Re-leaf's Grand Opening Celebration in Rockaway, NJ!

Our excitement is palpable as we reflect on a truly momentous occasion: the grand opening of Holistic Re-leaf‘s adult-use cannabis dispensary in Rockaway, New Jersey. We are so grateful we were able to witness this HUGE moment for our longtime clients turned friends. On March 15, the anticipation was high as family, friends, and supporters gathered to witness the realization of consistent hard work and dedication last. From the moment the doors opened, the line was out the door. A true testament to the excitement surrounding this long-awaited moment in Morris County.

As we sit here and reminisce about our journey with Holistic Re-leaf, from the early days of planning and preparation to the final ribbon cutting ceremony, our hearts are swelling with pride. We are truly privileged to witness their steadfast dedication and determination in bringing their vision to life!

To Yogi and the whole team at Holistic Re-leaf, congratulations on this incredible accomplishment!!!! Your passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to your vision is inspiring. Here’s to many more milestones and moments of joy as you continue to make a positive impact in the New Jersey cannabis space and the lives of others. Cheers to Holistic Re-leaf and the bright future that lies ahead!! 🌿✨

Looking for top quality products with the best customer service around? Go visit our friend’s at Holistic Re-leaf! Check out their website here (21+).💥🌱

Holistic Re-leaf's team, family, friends, and supporters gather around as the ribbon cutting ceremony is performed.

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