First of all, congratulations!!! You are well on your way to obtaining a cannabis business license in New Jersey.


Now what?

The Conversion to Annual part of the application is your next hurdle in obtaining a license to operate a plant touching business in New Jersey. There are 15 required narrative and/or standard operating procedure-related documents to submit pertaining to the operation of your cannabis business. 16 documents if you include the optional diversity plan with your submission. These each must be directly based on strict regulatory requirements and can be quite cumbersome to complete. If your application isn’t perfect, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission will return your application with a notice to cure it, meaning you have an opportunity to submit corrections. As application approvals are only issued on a monthly basis by the Commission, any cure notices, and the time it takes to correct them, can cost you in time, money, and frustration. 

Additional cannabis business requirements for cannabis applications

Other required components of the Conversion to Annual application can also be difficult to complete and obtain. These include support for your business on the municipal level in the township in which you plan to locate your cannabis business in New Jersey as well as a demonstration of site control. The township support can be obtained in a variety of ways depending on how the municipality has set up the process. Some townships have set up an application process, some require presentations, and some simply require a request. Navigating through these often confusing requirements can be overwhelming.

Hiring the wrong cannabis consultant can also cost you time and money. Get your New Jersey cannabis business application done right the first time by hiring a consultant with a proven record of success in New Jersey like Canna Business Services.  We can’t wait to hear from you!