Kiss Me, I’m Highrish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Canna Business Services! We tend to think of St. Patrick’s Day as a drinking holiday, but why not add a bit of greenery to your celebration? In recent years, with more states legalizing adult-use cannabis, more people have been adding weed to their party experience.

St. Patty’s Stats

Many people have been adding, and even replacing alcohol use with marijuana. The pot delivery company Eaze, conducted a survey where more than 82 percent of people reported that marijuana led them to reduce their alcohol intake, and 11 percent even said they’ve quit drinking entirely in favor of weed. On St. Patrick’s Day specifically, the Eaze dispensary saw a 42% increase in sales, compared to the 18% increase they usually see on Fridays.

Make Traditional Irish Foods

One way to celebrate is to make some classically Irish cuisine. Soda bread is a typical baked good served, and you can find some recipes that call for butter. See our Danksgiving post for a really simple cannabutter recipe. You can also use CBD oil in place of butter, if desiring a non-psychoactive nosh. Irish boxty is another crowd-pleaser whose recipe contains butter. These poor-man’s potato pancakes are very relatively easy to make and also is a typical menu item at pubs in Ireland. And for dessert, make these chocolate stout cupcakes from Food Network with cannabis-infused butter, and your Irish feast will have a decadent finish!

Best Strains to Smoke

Start your day with a few sativas like Emerald Jack, Green Dream, Irish Haze, Lucky Charms, and Green Goblin. Sativas generally promote creativity, euphoria, and energy — use these to bring laughter and merriment to your celebration and keep the party going! Any of these sativas are also good for aiding a next-day hangover. A mild strain called Mighty Irish Hope will leave you still functional if you need to keep going or maintain around more sober friends. At the end of the day, indulge in some Pot O’ Gold strain, as it’s known to bring on the munchies and will help you finish up your Irish leftovers.

Enjoy your St. Fatty’s Day holiday, and contact Canna Business Services to help get your cannabis business off the ground!