Labeling & Packaging Compliance is Paramount in the Growing Hemp Industry

In Virginia’s expanding hemp industry, a manufacturer recently hit a regulatory snag, encountering hefty fines totaling over $97,000 due to labeling inaccuracies. This event underscores the critical importance of close attention to detail in product labeling, especially in the burgeoning hemp sector.


Navigating Compliance: Protecting Your Hemp Business

In the rapidly expanding market for all things hemp products, accurate labeling is not just a legal requirement but also an extremely vital aspect of consumer trust and safety. From cannabinoid content to proper dosage instructions, every detail matters. Virginia’s enforcement action serves as a stern reminder for hemp manufacturers everywhere to prioritize compliance and precision in their labeling practices. As we’ve encountered in this cautionary tale, failure to do so can result in not only impactful financial penalties but also reputational damage and potential legal liabilities if there is any question of negative impact to public health and safety.

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