Compliance Crisis: A Nevada Cannabis Licensee Suffers Major Setback

In a recent blow to the cannabis industry in Nevada, a prominent operator saw the importance of fully understanding and implementing compliant practices in the NV cannabis industry, as four of their licenses were suspended due to a multitude of compliance issues.


Lessons from a Compliance Debacle, How to Navigate Nevada Cannabis’ Regulatory Landscape

From the sun-soaked streets of Las Vegas to the quiet corners of Reno, the cannabis market in Nevada has been booming. However, amidst the growth (and heat, if we’re being real), regulatory compliance remains of utmost importance. The recent suspension of four licenses from a major Nevada cannabis operator reminds all of us of the consequences of overlooking regulatory requirements in not just Nevada, but in every state where operating a cannabis business is legal. Issues ranging from METRC (the state’s mandated cannabis track and trace system) compliance failures, inadequate camera coverage, to mismanagement of waste have led to this severe action. Once again, we witness the unfortunate scenario of a cannabis operator succumbing to compliance challenges, as they go from mere obstacles to severe liabilities for their business. 


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