There are three license types in New Jersey that don’t have rules yet: Class 3 Cannabis Wholesaler, Class 4 Cannabis Distributor, and Class 6 Cannabis Delivery. The public comment period just concluded on rules for these new license types. We should anticipate seeing applications be available in the coming weeks for the new license types. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission is currently accepting license applications for Class 1 Cultivation, Class 2 Manufacturer, and Class 5 Retail cannabis businesses. 


The Commission has released what will be permitted under each license type. According to the Commission, the following IS PERMITTED


Class 3 Cannabis Wholesalers can:

-purchase usable cannabis and cannabis products from another licensed cannabis wholesaler. cultivator, or manufacturer for the purpose of resale to another licensed cannabis business

-store cannabis.

-transport usable cannabis and cannabis products to a wholesaler, manufacturer, or retailer.


Class 4 Cannabis Distributors can:

-transport usable and unusable cannabis between licensed cultivators and manufacturers.

-transport usable cannabis and cannabis products between cannabis businesses.

-posses and engage in temporary storage of cannabis as necessary to completing transportation activities.


-Class 6 Delivery Services can:

-obtain cannabis items from a cannabis retailer after a customer creates a purchase order.

-transport usable cannabis products.

-deliver cannabis products and paraphernalia to customers.

-return undelivered cannabis products back to the originating retailer.


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