New Mexico License Holder’s Cannabis Compliance Nightmare

Navigating Regulatory Oversight in New Mexico’s Cannabis Industry

In New Mexico’s ever-growing cannabis industry, compliance is key. Recent events have unveiled a nightmare scenario proving just that, as two licensed cultivators who failed to meet the state’s stringent tracking and tracing requirements found themselves hit with multiple violations.


The Serious Impact of Insufficient Plant Count Monitoring

The repercussions of inadequately monitoring plant counts under the regulatory oversight of New Mexico’s Cannabis Control Division have become glaringly evident as two licensed cannabis cultivators lost their licenses due to exceeding the state’s plant count limits. In addition to a collective 24 violations, the cannabis cultivation companies were ordered to pay one million dollars in fines, each. These incidents, occurring mere miles from each other outside of Albuquerque, highlight the critical importance of remaining on top of cannabis tracking and tracing to ensure adherence to regulations and maintain the integrity and livelihood of your cannabis business.


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