Summer Solstice with Cannabis

In addition to being the longest day of the year, the summer solstice marks the beginning of the summer season. Different cultures around the world celebrate this tipping point between worlds in various ways. Read more for some ways to incorporate cannabis into your summer solstice celebration.

Science of Summer

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. This is the day of maximum sunlight for the entire year. In ancient time, the solstice was considered the first day of the year. For many outdoor growers, this also marks a turning point for cannabis plants. Plants are in full vegetative state when there’s so much sunlight in a day. The closer our daylight schedule gets to 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of dark, plants will begin flowering. Now is an ideal time to take cuttings off your plants to make copies (or clones) of your favorite strains.

Solstice Strains

Sativas are the preferred strain for summer time activities. They are uplifting, give you energy, and put you in a good mood. Sour Diesel is one strain that is known for its euphoric effects, without leaving you feel tired. Another strain known for it’s positive effects on your mood is Candy Jack. It also helps boosy your appetite! If you’re trying to feel more social for an event, Strawberry Cough is the recommended strain. It is touted for it’s ability to improve social anxiety and depression. And lastly, the Headband strain is a popular one for a long and strong high. Use this if you need some endurance to prevent anxiety and keep your mood stable.

Sensimilla Rituals

Both new and ancient cultures have developed many summer solstice rituals. One of the more notable, older traditions is Sweden’s Midsommar celebration with Maypole dancing and traditional foods. Many cultures including aboriginals in Australia and the Mayans and Aztecs aligned rock formations to coincide with the solstices. Stonehenge in the UK is another example that boasts of it’s perfectly aligned rocks to welcome the sunrise.

Today, many people use summer solstice to cleanse their homes and set new intentions. Some make altars of their favorite items that bring joy, crystals, and other healing trinkets and light up a bowl or a joint to commemorate this new beginning. It’s a great time to write a list of reflections, or intentions and start fresh.

This year, many new states are opening up and summer solstice is the perfect time to set new business goals. Contact Canna Business Services for more information on how to make your cannabis industry intentions a reality!