What Does Post-Licensure Support Look Like?

So you’ve won a license, now what? There’s plenty of hoops to jump through still, and an entire business to build out. Read more for insight on how to manage the next steps of your cannabis business post-licensure.


Post-Licensure Support Progress

States have finally begun to realize that cannabis business owners need more support post-licensure. The cannabis industry is the most highly-regulated industry out there with lots of compliance factors and very little guidance. As a result, states have begun building portals that house resources for post-licensure support like checklists and audit preparation tools. However, many business owners are finding themselves still struggling to keep up and needing personalized assistance to get the job done.


Maintaining Compliance 

There’s a difference between writing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that looks good on paper, and one that actually works well in practice. Canna Business Services is adept at writing SOPs that comply with state and local regulatory requirements, while personalizing the procedures to meet the needs of your space. Preparing for your audit is another hurdle that raises feelings of uncertainty for cannabis business owners. Collecting all of the necessary paperwork, ensuring your space is compliant, and preparing your staff are all key steps to ensuring that your audit goes smoothly. 


Business Buildout 

In addition to all of the extra compliance requirements that come along with the cannabis industry, you also have the pressure of implementing your business plan. Your primary goal is to successfully grow a long-lasting brand that will survive the maturation of the market. To achieve this, you’re going to need to make some critical hires beyond those laid out in your licensing application.  In particular, you’re going to need a skilled marketing team with a proven track record that knows the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. Canna Business Services provides business build-out support to help you begin to thoughtfully market your products, finalize your organizational structure, and tools to use to help make smart hires. Avoid wasting money on predatory consultants before you’ve even brought any revenue in, and get off to a successful start!

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