Security Plan Manufacturing Operation

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The Security Plan Manufacturing Operation demonstrates how your team plans to keep employees and visitors safe, as well as how you plan to prevent diversion. This document includes information on:

  • Security Objectives & Background
  • Physical Assets & Equipment
  • Procedural Security Assets
  • Achieving Security Outcomes
  • And more!


The Security Plan Manufacturing Operation is 25 pages in length and includes a wealth of information essential to running a successful cannabis operation. The Security Plan Manufacturing Operation demonstrates how your team plans to keep employees and visitors safe, as well as how you plan to prevent diversion. Our team of professional writers, steeped in regulatory experience, has created this template for your business. Interspersed throughout the template are “Pro-Tips”; these contain our advice, which is designed to help you include personalized information to strengthen your application and make it highly competitive.

Canna Business Services has helped clients be awarded licenses in some of the most competitive markets in the United States.

We highly suggest including state-specific requirements, regulatory references and citations, and any other items that you might need to stand out. However, we believe this template is one that will help you advance in your cannabis journey. Be sure to check out our other templates for use in the completion of your remaining application sections. We recommend a ten (10) hour package of consulting hours to help you meet your state’s regulatory requirements for this section. Contact us at 888.453.0555 or to set up a consultation.

This template is customizable and has descriptions and suggestions for all categories. An outline of the Security Plan Manufacturing Operation is included below:

  • Applicant’s Philosophy of Security
    • Applicant’s Security Objectives
    • Applicant’s Knowledge and Background in Security Measures
  • Applicant’s Physical Assets and Equipment
    • Emergency Alarms
    • Door Access Hardware
    • Shatterproof Tinted Film
    • Lighting
    • Vault/Safe
    • Electronic Video Monitoring and Surveillance
    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Keys, Alarm Codes (AC), and Electronic Access Control Cards (EACC)
    • Identification Badges
    • Fire and Emergency Items
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Software
    • Private Security Contractor
    • Secure Facility Structure
    • Secure Facility Location
  • Applicant’s Procedural Security Assets
    • Interior Security and Access
    • Measures Implemented to Prevent Diversion
    • SOPs of Applicant’s Security Vendors
    • Handling Emergency Situations
    • Safe Handling and Storage of Cannabis
    • Limited and Restricted Access Areas
    • Procedures for Surveillance Monitoring
    • SOPs to Ensure Safe Storage, Handling, and Documentation of Cannabis
    • Security Vendor’s Role in Meeting Applicant’s Security Objectives
    • Security Equipment Management and Maintenance
    • Security Alarm System Procedures
    • Identification Badges Procedures
    • Access Control Plan
    • Secure Recordkeeping and Reporting
    • Packaging and Labeling Recording
    • Applicant’s Procedures for Safely and Securely Delivering Cannabis
  • Achieving Security Outcomes Through Physical and Procedural Security Assets
    • Prevention of Theft and Diversion of Cannabis
    • Safety of Agents
    • Safe Delivery and Storage of Cannabis
    • Compliance with Applicable Rules and Laws