The Canna Business Services team is still bursting with excitement as we reflect on Sussex Cultivation / Onyx Manufactured Brands’ incredible milestone achieved on March 14th. We had the pleasure of being there to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony and Grand Opening for Sussex Cultivation’s brand-new manufacturing facility in New Jersey, and it was nothing short of spectacular!

Being part of Sussex Cultivation’s journey from concept to reality has truly been an honor. We’ve personally witnessed this powerhouse woman-and-family owned team’s unwavering commitment to excellence, from the meticulous planning stages to the execution of their vision with precision and passion.

As one of the pioneering adult-use manufacturers in the state’s first years of allowing the cultivation, manufacturing, and sale of adult-use cannabis, the Sussex Cultivation team didn’t just build a facility; they’re shaping the landscape of the cannabis industry in New Jersey. Their dedication to quality and innovation sets a benchmark for others to follow.

To the Dowlings and the entire Sussex Cultivation team, you did it!!! Your perseverance and your unwavering belief in your dream has brought you to this moment, and we’re proud to have been a small part of your journey. We can’t wait to see the incredible things you’ll do!!

Here’s to Sussex Cultivation and the bright future they’re forging for cannabis in New Jersey and beyond! Visit their website at (21+) and stay tuned for updates on their journey! 🚀🌱


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